Dr. Roy T. Dalton - Pastor
Teresa Dalton - First Lady
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The Church where Everybody is Somebody in Jesus Christ


To save those that are lost, lonely and hurting to find there is a reality in knowing and serving the Lord God almighty. Blessing the total person through prayer, deliverance, salvation, family relations, education, finances and health. Bring restoration to the whole person.




I believe that all who desire to have a complete life, can find it in Jesus Christ . Life with all its ups and downs can only find true meaning, when you get to know Jesus Christ  The greatest of all apostles, Paul said : Acts  17:28 " For in him (Jesus) we live  and move , and have our being: as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are the offspring." Jesus Christ gives us a reason for living he gives us peace, in the mist of a confused world all who wish
to know him, can.